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Happy Good Friday!

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I hope you all have a better Good Friday than Jesus did!!


Catholics and Condoms

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This is wonderful. It’s a collage of the ex-Pope. Made out of condoms. LOL.

One thing that completely confounds me about Christianity is that it could oppose contraception. How ridiculous! I’m lucky that the Christianity I grew up in didn’t have a problem with it. Condoms save lives. Why oppose that? How can you oppose that and still consider yourself moral?

Mother Teresa herself said that: “living love is destroyed by contraception.” WHAT? Why? How? What gives you the right to say things like that? It destroys love?? No. Just no.

You would have to be a fucking crazy lunatic uncaring psychopathic moron to oppose condoms in a world with AIDS. Such idiocy is not acceptable at all in this age. Please stop. Just stop.

God gets the credit, man gets the blame

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I find it amusing that Christians can blame the world’s suffering on man’s free will, but then when man does something great out of free will, it’s attributed to God. Perfect example was in church the other week: The pastor said “If this sermon is any good then it’s all because of God, but if it’s bad you can blame me later on.” What the hell? Why can’t man do good things without God? If we have free will, then we are responsible for the wonderful things we do as well as the bad stuff. Either give us credit for both, or give God credit for it all.  As I seem to have to remind you repeatedly, dear Christians, you can’t pick and choose. Some intellectual consistency would really help me be less confused by your shit. Thanks.

Missionaries preying on the poor


A couple of years ago, my parents sent me to Cambodia on a missions trip during my Summer holidays. I think the main reason they paid for me to go was because they knew I would get crazy bored at home and they wanted to keep me out of trouble. Anyway, I was beyond excited and so thankful to them for allowing me to go. It ended up being quite a mixed experience.

I set off, ready to eradicate poverty and change the world. I went with a couple of (middle aged) ladies from my church, which wasn’t ideal for my sixteen year old self. I had to pray and go to church during my time over there. I had to sing songs about Jesus with the kids. I didn’t feel great about that. I wished my parents would have put the money towards a secular volunteering trip with World Vision or something like that, but I was lucky they were giving me this opportunity, I wasn’t going to complain.

So anyway, we went over there and did our thing. We handed out meals to people in the slums despite the fact that the food would barely last a day, tomorrow they would be hungry again. I washed head-lice out of kid’s hair, knowing that the process for getting rid of lice is not as simple as one wash. I even gave slum women manicures, cause that’s totally important when you’re scrounging for food in a garbage dump all day. After watching a preacher tell the Good News to a group of slum dwellers and seeing them rapidly converted, I realised that this trip was not about helping people overcome poverty, but about doing nice things for them so that they would listen to us when we tried to convert them. I really should have suspected something when I saw that our trip slogan was (something like): “We can’t change the world, but we can show His love.” I was really disappointed that I was not helping change people’s lives.


I had been given some money to spend on helping these people. Our team leader asked me to put it towards a trip a water park for the slum kids. I said no. I wanted to actually help people have better lives. A sustainable, healthy, progressive standard of living. The team leader said to me: “These kids would never get a chance to do anything like this! It could be the best day of their lives.” Nope. I will not spend money on this when many of them won’t have any food to come home to, or enough money to pay for high school. I want the best day of lives to be their university graduation or their wedding day. I want them to grow old and reach their full potentials. The notion that a day at the pool could be the best day of their lives is precisely why I could not give my money to that.

I wonder how much money of Christian missionaries is wasted on “showing them Jesus’s love” rather than combatting poverty. So much effort is put into manipulating these people so that they will be receptive to the gospel. It felt like we were farmers, fattening up our pigs so that they would be ready when the time came for the kill. It seems to be nothing more than the manipulation of the poor and uneducated. So I’m not a big fan of this type of Christian mission.


Dear Pope, Please Stop Raping My News Feed

Here is another post to mark the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. You’ve probably read a couple hundred of them today already, but I find Pope memes fucking amusing. So enjoy:








Jesus As Number One


One thing I’be been thinking about lately is the importance of Jesus in the lives of Christians. Nothing else comes close to their dedication to him. Not their love for their families or respect for others, nothing. This post on Ruth Hadock’s blog really brought it home for me. I had a similar experience growing up.  I remember singing worship songs at church that have pretty full on lyrics. I used to sing them with all my heart:

“All I am is yours,”

“Every breath I take I breathe for you”

“Everything I am for your kingdom’s cause”

Now I cringe whenever my parents play songs like this at home. When I was becoming an atheist, it was a harsh realisation when I understood that my parents loved God more than they loved me. I wonder if they would go as far as their beloved Abraham did, sacrificing their own child on His command.

In church a few months ago, one of the speakers was talking about the death of his non-Christian father. When he found out his dad had only a couple of weeks left to live, he went straight to the hospital and started preaching to his dying father. His father did not want to hear it, so much so that he spent his last days with his lawyer, taking his son out of his will.

Some Christians seem to lose all sense of human decency and respect for others when it comes to proselytising. Instead of spending the precious last moments having quality time with his father, he ruined the entire relationship. All for the sake of Jesus.

Matthew 10:34 -37 jumps to my mind:

“Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to turn a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law—a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household. Anyone who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.”

I had a really uncomfortable and slightly upsetting experience at church this week (my parents make me go, even when I’m hungover like I was this week. Lol.) I’m moving away to go to university in a couple of weeks, and this same church speaker who preached to his dying father, wanted the whole congregation to pray for me. Now, this guy is a pretty close to my family. He knows I don’t believe Christianity. He knows that I don’t want anything to with the Christian God. Yet he called me up on stage to be prayed for. I said no. So he came down the aisle, put his hand on my shoulder and said a massive long prayer. It took all I had in me not to walk out. I was sitting next to my grandma (who still doesn’t know I’m an atheist) which made it even harder. Everyone in the church had their head bowed in prayer for me, while I sat there staring straight ahead, fuming. It was completely humiliating. I’m an atheist! Don’t fucking pray for me in front of a couple hundred people! He even prayed that God would help me through my questioning. It felt so patronising! Your God isn’t real, dickhead.

The guy even thanked God for my passion for law and that he would help me in pursuing it. I’m not even studying law. Thanks for getting to know me. (I only got accepted for law at shitty, small universities, so I’m doing International Studies instead. Which I’m totally cool with. Lot less debt.) As my boyfriend said after the service: “You’re not passionate about law, you’re passionate about what’s right and wrong.” Damn straight. And Christianity is bloody wrong. Especially when some Christians forget the “love your neighbour” verses in favour of the afore mentioned ones.

I fully understand that this guy honestly believes that enough prayer will save my soul. I know he means well. But please, have some respect for other people and their right to peacefully disbelieve without being put-on-the-spot unwillingly in front of so many people who are so disappointed in me.



Just Saying: This post is more about venting than any logical objections to Christianity. Sorry if you don’t like swear words. Also, I understand that not all Christians are like this guy. It just made me a bit cross and upset and I need to let it out.

Atheists and Monobrows: Sunday School Lies



A Sunday School teacher I know has to follow the basic curriculum set by her church. How she presents the material is up to her. Recently, her 3rd and 4th 5th and 6th grade students were told to draw pictures of what people look like when they have Christ versus when they don’t. They were given a blank “gingerbread man” type outline and told to fill it in.

Think about that for a moment. How can you tell if people are Christian (or not) just by looking at them? You can’t. And the Sunday School teacher knew this. She wasn’t a fan of the assignment, but she had to teach it. So she spent some time stressing to the kids that they cannot know if someone is a fellow Christian simply because of how they look.

At least one of the children missed that point. [Because I Have Christ I… (image)] Holding a cross. Saying, “I LOVE GOD!!” (They teach the Christian kids to use ALL CAPS when making their points early in life, I see). And what’s that in his hand…? Oh. My. God. It’s a banana. Ray Comfort has invaded the church.

Ok, ok. Enough of that. What did this child draw on the person who didn’t have Christ in his life? [If I Didn’t Have Christ I… (image)] Wow. Drugs in the form of alcohol. Barbed wire tattoo. Crazy wild hair. Unibrow (truly the mark of an atheist). Cigarette in hand. Brow piercing. Multiple, asymmetric ear piercings. A mouth “cussing! God isn’t real!” No sleeves (because we all know sleeves are too damn Christian for us). The guy’s clothes aren’t even colored in all the way! (What’s up with that?) …

In my friend’s defense, she was appalled by this. She did what she could to teach the kids that the very idea of drawing these images was misleading from the start. Christians, atheists, and people of faith come in all types. You can’t label people unless you talk to them and find out what they believe. Somehow, though, this kid has these perceptions. He got them from somewhere. Maybe his parents. Or church. Or Kirk Cameron.
Is it any surprise that so many children from religious households grow up to fear atheists?

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This is exactly what my post Dear Christians, Come To The (Not So) Dark Side was about. Christians cannot seem to comprehend a moral person, indeed a moral world, without their God. It breaks my heart that these kids are sucking it up so well.

I remember at youth group once we had to describe the way a Christian would treat their family compared to how a non-Christian would. The results went something like this.

Christians: Love them, respect them, help out around the house, care for them, obey, spend time with them, buy them presents,

Non-christians: Disobey, talk-back, do nothing to help, ungrateful, sneak out, swear at them,

Around the time of this youth group session, I was beginning to question my faith. I thought of the non-Christians I knew and I realised that they treat their families in the same way we do. This was one of the first times I “smelt a rat” in Christianity.