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I’m the daughter of my Christian parents, learning to challenge and think critically about what I’ve been taught all my life. I’ve started this blog to help me organise my thoughts and learn from other people.

I am looking for answers to my many questions and objections in relation to Christianity. I would love for anyone who thinks they can help me in my journey to contact me.

I feel very frustrated and hurt by the Church and so some of my posts may come accross as angry or confronting. Despite this, I am actually a friendly person, so feel free to let me know your opinion on anything I write.

You can email me, if you like:


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  1. Hi,

    I haven’t read your whole blog, but I have found you to be thoughtful and often discerning so far. Thanks for your invitation to “anyone who thinks they can help [you] in [your] journey.” I’m blogging my way through The Bible’s story this year and I hope you will consider moving through the story with me, offering your thoughts. I’m at

    • criticofchristianity

      Thanks for dropping by! Had a look at your blog. I really like the way you’ve made Bible stories that can often be confusing and wordy a lot more accessible. Will be following 🙂

      • Thanks for taking a look. I’ve been posting twice a week, and I plan to continue at that pace through 2013. I hope this will turn out to be a good way to hear the story that drives through the stories. You’re welcome to share your thoughts along the way.

      • criticofchristianity

        Thank you 🙂

  2. I invite you to visit my blog and peruse some recent articles. I had a look at some of your posts, and I think I’m writing about many issues you might be interested in.


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