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Excuses and a Christian Summer

Greetings blogging world!!

I have officially finished my first year of Uni! This means I will finally have time to do some blogging!!  Hurrah!!

My other excuse for not keeping up with my blog is that I’m now living in the big city, far away from home, with my wonderful liberal atheist friends: Religion has never been so far from my mind. It has been fabulous! But it doesn’t give me much to write about.

I am about to return home to my parents’ house for the summer holidays, so Christianity will yet again be an everyday part of my life. I’m feeling quite worried about this. Everyone changes when they move out of home, and I suspect my parents won’t be thrilled with the ways I’ve changed.

It’s going to be tricky for me to go from the drunken, debaucherous life of a philosophy undergrad back to the life of being the disappointing child. I am pleased that I have you clever internet people to talk to! Should be an interesting summer……

This basically sums up my feelings about my home town.

This basically sums up my feelings about my home town.


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  1. The “summer” holidays, huh? I take it you’re somewhere in the southern hemisphere?

    Anyway, since you’re an atheist, I thought you might be interested in this post and its comments: The Bible (New Testament) as Evidence.

    Since you’re an undergrad philosophy student, I highly recommend this pair of mp3 lecture courses on the history of philosophy: Founders of Western Philosophy: Thales to Hume and Modern Philosophy: Kant to the Present.

    They are very clear and well presented. I think they’ll be interesting and informative even if you’ve taken a class that surveyed the history of philosophy. They really give you a sense of the relationships of the various philosophers’ ideas to each other and how the philosophical conversation went back and forth for centuries and millennia.

    • criticofchristianity

      Yeah, Australia mate 😉
      32 degree day today (celsius)! Off to the beach!

      Thanks so much!! I’ll definitely take a look at the post and have a listen to the lectures!


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