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Catholics and Condoms

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This is wonderful. It’s a collage of the ex-Pope. Made out of condoms. LOL.

One thing that completely confounds me about Christianity is that it could oppose contraception. How ridiculous! I’m lucky that the Christianity I grew up in didn’t have a problem with it. Condoms save lives. Why oppose that? How can you oppose that and still consider yourself moral?

Mother Teresa herself said that: “living love is destroyed by contraception.” WHAT? Why? How? What gives you the right to say things like that? It destroys love?? No. Just no.

You would have to be a fucking crazy lunatic uncaring psychopathic moron to oppose condoms in a world with AIDS. Such idiocy is not acceptable at all in this age. Please stop. Just stop.


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  1. “You would have to be a fucking crazy lunatic uncaring psychopath moron to oppose condoms In a world with aids”. I’m not a catholic, but if you think about it, people most at risk for aids, the sexually promiscuous, are not likely going to be heeding rules about contraception when they’re already sleeping around. No need to get all drama queen about it.

    • criticofchristianity

      That’s a very true point. It’s the ridiculous ideology that just drives me nuts. The idea that contraception interrupts God’s plan seems so insane to me and has such potential for damaging lives. Yeah I may be dramatic about it, but it’s something I feel strongly about and I hope this post reflects that. Thanks for commenting 🙂

    • …and what would lead you to that conclusion? You’re saying if the people most at risk for aids, those in sub-Saharan Africa, were aware of the need for and had access to condoms, they’d knowingly choose not to use them? Sure, some of them would, but lots of them wouldn’t. There’s a reason the growth of Aids has slowed in the developed world.

      • criticofchristianity

        I think perhaps he means that if they are promiscuous then they are unlikely to be the type of people who obey the church’s rules about contraception, so the church’s stance is therefore irrelevant to the spread of AIDS. Not that they wouldn’t use condoms.

    • What’s true in the relatively better-educated “west”—that many Catholics will quietly ignore the ban on contraceptives—isn’t so true in (i) lesser-educated areas, where religious organisations, including the RCC, get paid more heed by the populace, and (ii) countries where the RCC holds so much sway that access to contraceptives is either outright banned by law or made very difficult.

  2. I just had quite a heated exchange with a commenter on this. His take seemed to be that, since they have a twisted view on love, well, screw them. Or something. Didn’t really pay much attention. He also didn’t want gay people to marry but claimed he didn’t discriminate them. He never bothered to ask gay people if they agreed.
    As Dawkins puts it, if you’re against artificial birth control, sooner or later another form of “natural” birth control will kick in: famine. People will die by the scores of hunger and disease. Apparently, though, that’s OK with the Pope.

    • criticofchristianity

      Oh no, you get people like that in this business, haha. I haven’t heard Dawkins that from Dawkins before! What a good point. And it’s exactly what has been happening in Africa 😦
      The Pope doesn’t seem to understand the fact that we need a sustainable population in order to maintain a reasonable standard of living. I learnt that in high school, for goodness sake!


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