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Adam and Eve: My Heroes

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I actually admire Adam and Eve for eating the forbidden fruit. It came from the tree of knowledge of good and evil and I believe that pursuing knowledge is a good thing; even if it accidentally condemns the whole human race.

It is telling that God did not want us to pursue knowledge by eating the fruit. I wonder how he feels about science and modern education.

Anyway, how would Eve have known it was wrong to disobey God if she didn’t have the knowledge of good and evil? Pretty sure God’s expectations were a bit unrealistic.

I think the whole thing is a conspiracy. God made the forbidden fruit, he made Satan, he made Adam and Eve ignorant of good and evil. He must have intended for them to eat it. He purposely set the human race up for failure so that he could make himself look good by “saving” us all in a pathetic attempt to become worthy of our worship and love.

Yeah, we see through your stupid plan!







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  1. Nice round up of pics! The whole book of genesis deserves this kind of treatment.

  2. Reblogged this on myatheistlife and commented:
    The pics are good. The sentiment exactly matches some of mine. Enjoy and visit Critic of Christianity if you have the time.

  3. Hang in there….Christianity is a journey that we often make harder than it really is. God is the author of science and humor! Actually he has a very good sense of humor! The key is to listen to the Holy Spirit, read the Bible and ask God to reveal himself to you. He wants to get to know you! I can tell you I enjoy being with him than most people! God has been given a bad rap; he isn’t what the world has made him out to be. Do you know he even protects my cat!

    • criticofchristianity

      Thanks for the encouragement! At this stage I don’t think I believe in the Holy Spirit so that makes it hard to listen to him. The Bible is one of the reasons I’m an atheist, there’s some sickening stuff in there. I used to ask God to reveal himself to me, but he never did. I just find it impossible to continue believing. Haha he protects your cat? Really??

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  5. We can go as far as say that the serpent was god. who else would have known that there was a tree of knowledge?
    God if one exists must be a real failure, a fiend and a saddist

    • criticofchristianity

      Well yeah, God was definitely responsible for the serpent. I guess Satan, being an ex-angel may have known it was a tree of knowledge, but then that raises the question of why did God create the angel that became satan.

      Yeah, if God is real, he certainly isn’t worth our worship.

  6. Dear Criticofchristianity, it is normal to question and a good sign. I did and grew up in a Christian home. Yes; there are sickening things in the Bible but there is more good. But…evil is here because the enemy is running rampant. One of the reasons God allowed for the Bible to reveal horrible issues, people, etc. is to show the rest of the world they are no different from the rest of us. We all experience hard things; a lot of our own doing. However, God is incapable of sin or evil.

    There are a number of Christian bloggers on wordpress that are friends; who use to be agnostics/atheists and are now on fire for the Lord. Their testimonies are remarkable. If you want to know who they are let me know and I will send you their links.

    Ultimately we all have to decide how we want to live. You have a good and logical head on your shoulders which is apparent in your writing. As far as the Bible is concerned, I never paid much attention to it until I was in my 20’s and we had them all over the house all my life. But when desperation set in for me, I knew who to call on. The Bible is the greatest book; and through it God has spoken to me for years.

    I lost my humor years ago due to horrific circumstances. God has given it back to me which is why I write many of my posts to give a laugh or two. I never want to lose that again.

    Keep writing!

    • criticofchristianity

      I would be interested to read what these ex-agnostics/ex-atheists write. Definitely send me links.

      To me it seems difficult to believe that God is incapable of evil when he commands/condones some pretty yucky things in the Bible. I’m don’t think we agree about the Bible. I have been meaning to read more of it though so maybe my opinion on this will change. Also, I have been reading books about the historical context in the Old Testament, which have been very interesting, but haven’t really changed my mind.

      Again, thanks for the encouragement! Will keep searching.

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  8. Reblogged this on Common Sense and commented:
    Couldn’t have said it better myself. I love this.

  9. If you read my latest blog posts you will find how Satan became evil.

    I forgot to tell you how God has protected our cat! She is 10 this month. She was feral and came into our lives when she was about 1 year old. Born in the wild in the mountain of WNC, she was a skinny little girl. Skiddish and afraid of us, we took her in, got her fixed and she is now my baby. She grew up with our 24 year old daughter. She should have died a number of times. Our neighbor tried to kill her, she became dehydrated from the heat and had a seizure right in front of me, she was bitten by a feral cat and the bite within 24 hours had almost killed her, and she got into a cat fight right after Christmas and I had to rush her to the Vet because her eye was bleeding. Thank fully it was a exterior wound. Once she caught a live bat; brought it in through the cat door into the house. It was disgusting. She must have fought with it for quite a while and amazingly it never bit her . I pray for God to protect her because she doesn’t know what is good for her sometimes! LOL! She is funny, and playful and for her age very healthy.

    • criticofchristianity

      Haha wow! That’s a great story! What an amazing cat. I wouldn’t put that down to God though. I’d just put it down to the cat’s instincts and a bit of good luck.

  10. 1wanderingtruthseeker

    The whole book of Gensis is filled with things like this. God did not make us because he loved us, but because there was no one to till the ground in the garden of Eden. If God loved us so much and he never makes mistakes, then why did he grieve he made man at all and tried to wipe us out with a world wide flood? Why did God want us to remain stupid? Do you really think it is a sin to wear make-up and paint our lips? Why would sex be the orginal sin, if that’s how we are made? So many more questions.

    • criticofchristianity

      Exactly. It’s impossible to accept something as truth when there are so many questions and so few answers.

  11. The top picture makes me laugh.

    The God in this story might not be anti-knowledge. Maybe it was a matter of timing.

    What God made clear about the fruit was that, if they ate it, they would die. I don’t know how much this situation had to do with morality; right and wrong. It looks like it had to do with life and death.

    And, it looks like it might not have had to do mostly with physical death since they didn’t drop dead right after eating it.

    • criticofchristianity

      Would they have know what death was though? Obviously no human would have died yet.

      • I think that’s an interesting question. Kind of strange that God would give them a specific warning that had absolutely no meaning for them though.

        And, how much did the warning have to do with physical death? When they ate the fruit, they didn’t drop over dead, but there was at least one immediate consequence.

      • criticofchristianity

        Spiritual death isn’t it? Surely they wouldn’t jabe known what that was?

      • I guess the question is, was God’s warning sufficient? It’s possible that God miscalculated. Or, as you suggest, He was just playing out a pusillanimous plan.

        That’s one reason I’m glad to have you stopping by my blog. We’ll have to see if it comes any clearer as the story progresses.

        Regarding the death that God warned them about, you can see how I understand this in the parts of the story under my “God Breathed” and “You Will Certainly Die” posts.

      • criticofchristianity

        Okay, I will have a look. Thanks πŸ™‚

  12. It wasn’t knowledge that was the temptation, it was the desire to make ourselves God – the same temptation that Daniel records Lucifer yielding to that resulted in his fall from heaven. The temptation he then prsented Adam and Eve with was “eat of this fruit and you will be *AS GOD*…”. The knowledge of good and evil was part of the consequence.

    Keep in mind that, according to the story, everything that God had created up to this point was “very good”. Adam and Eve knew right from wrong, but they had no knowledge of evil as the world was still good. The decision to become “as God” was a fundamental rebellion against the established Kingdom of God and its rightful King – the same sin, incidentally, that Lucifer also commit.

    This rebellion invited evil into the created order. This is why Christians tie the presence of natural and moral evil to the fall of humanity. It was at this moment that we came to know both, and the following chapters (4-11) detail this impact by chronicling the spread of sin and evil over the entire earth. The rest of scripture then deals with God’s response to the presence of evil in his good creation.

    This wasn’t about the pursuit of knowledge, it was about rebellion against the Kingdom of God and the inception of evil in a once “very good” creation.

    • criticofchristianity

      Isn’t it good to want to be more like God though?

      • Everybody on this thread thinks the Fall of Man is metaphorical and, although somewhat redundant, allegorical–contrary to metaphor the shift in meaning is hidden–right?


  13. Tammy Gardner

    You are so right! Love the cartoons!

  14. oh this is too perfect

  15. Have you listened to Ravi Zacharias’ podcasts and messages? He’s an incredibly intelligent man who was drawn to God after trying to commit suicide in his teens. The name of one of his podcast series is ‘Let My People Think’ – the whole premise of it is that Christians these days don’t think critically about their faith, and so are unable to deal with the doubts they have and are easily swayed into an atheistic way of thinking, which is presented in almost all educational institutions as the only rational way. He has thought critically about his faith, and remains a strong follower of Jesus. I encourage you to listen to a few of them – and let me know what you think πŸ™‚


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