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Impressive! A Christian who understands the difference between atheism and religion. I have a lot of respect for that.

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This blog post originally appeared on the City Bible Forum Blog. It is reprinted in full here.

In many recent discussions I’ve had with atheists, we’ve touched on the question “Is atheism a religion?”. Many Christians propose that atheism is a religion. Yet this is vehemently denied by atheists, such as Penn Jillette in this recent article. I want to be a little controversial by agreeing that atheism is not a religion.

1. Definition of atheism. Atheism is the belief (or non-belief) in the existence of God. This does not immediately imply that atheism is a ‘religion’.

2. The opposite of atheism. One of the key reasons I suggest that atheism isn’t a religion is by examining its opposite. The opposite of atheism is theism – the belief in the existence of God. This clarification is very helpful, because I doubt many people would classify ‘theism’ as…

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